What’s In My [Diaper] Bag | Baby Gear

Oh the dreaded diaper bag.

As a photographer, I am no stranger to the large bag. I love my Kelly Moore bags that allow me to carry way too much gear at once.

As a first time mom, I needed a large bag. I had no clue what I needed at first and didn’t want to be out in public without a solution to my problem, whatever it might be at the time. Fast forward a year and, like many other moms out there know, I’ve discovered you can survive with a lot less than you think.

Despite that, you still need things for the baby. I guess. Hmpf.

Side note: I love those days here and there where I can just take my wallet/purse with a phone tucked in it and keys hooked to it. It’s so light and freeing!

Again, when I first started out, I was toting around everything in my house. Honestly, back then I wasn’t even carrying THAT much, but as a baby-wearer, I always had a wrap or two in there…and those things take up some room.

As time passed, my “diaper” bag changed multiple times. My current one is a simple drawstring gym style backpack that I shove everything into. With the help of some wet bags, I do somewhat organize things.

What's in my diaper bag

What’s in my Diaper Bag:

  • New Balance drawstring backpack
  • scissors for cutting up food on the go
  • extra pair of clothes
  • extra socks (he’s not usually wearing socks, or maybe even pants, so I keep some in case of hot surfaces!)
  • wallet
  • keys
  • wet bag with baby wrap in it (to keep it clean)
  • wet/dry bag with changing pad, wipes, and extra diapers
  • Extra wet/dry bag because I’m addicted to them
  • not pictured: ez-pz mini mat for eating out


Next bag? I hope to actually sew my own with spaces for everything. Why? Because I like to dream up things that take too much time and effort when I don’t have the time or energy to do them! heh. Let’s see when that happens.


What’s in your diaper bag?