My New Addiction to Wet/Dry Bags

_MG_7485When I started diving into the world of cloth diapers, I came across wet bags – Bags made to hold dirty diapers. Well, they can be used for all sorts of things –¬†clothes, rags, laundry, food utensils, you name it – but I was introduced to them in relation to cloth diapers. I quickly stuck a few on my baby registry.

I didn’t end up getting them, but I ended up winning one in a cloth diaper giveaway. I was instantly in love. It was so handy to have on outings and stick wet or blown out anything in! Contain the mess, the smell, and deal with it later! Throw it in the wash, and bam! Like new again.

I bought the two I had on my wish list immediately. It wasn’t love with them, but they were handy. They were Planetwise Wet/dry bags. They do their job, but they have an outer shell and a lining. This makes them more bulky, and the lazy mom in me hates how they flip inside out in the wash, some times even if I zip them partially closed. Ugh, more things to turn right side out!

I still loved wet bags. Then one of my moms groups introduced me to PatPat. It’s an app with lots of products, not just for kids, at steep discounts. Discounts? I’m there! The person who posted said I could get a wet bag for $0.97! Um, yes! It was some kind of first order deal. I picked one out, checked out, and patiently waited my 2 weeks or so. Things take a long time to ship from them, but what do you expect from a place selling things super cheap?!
I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, but at under a dollar, I didn’t feel it was going to be a big deal if I hated it.

It turned into my FAVORITE bag. It’s a wet/dry bag, so it has a main pocket for wet thugs and then a smaller front pocket for dry things. You can have a couple fresh diapers in the front, along with wipes and a changing pad, and any dirties in the big one. LOVE!_MG_7482

Eventually I bought three more. It was tuff narrowing it down to three, but I tried to control myself. (These were full price at like $6 a piece, but considering my other ones cost $20+ per, it’s a great deal). I also bought a few half sized wet bags for smaller things like wipes, meds, spare clothes. Now I have everything, including my baby wrap, sectioned out in my bag…and much more safe from damage! My organizing side is appeased.

So far they have all held up really well to repeated use and wash. Hopefully they will continue to do so. I never knew I would get so excited over a little bag. Who am I kidding, I get excited about the most RANDOM stuff, it’s ridiculous.

What’s your latest obsession?