Learning How to be in Front of the Camera | Self Portraits

In taking on a 365 project, I’ve had to start getting serious about self portraits (since it’s the theme for the day multiple times). I have always been hesitant to be in front of the camera, but I am starting to get better at capturing myself. Mainly I take a million photos until I get at least one That is semi-decent. Some times I don’t get any “good” shots, but I’m relaxing a bit on my high standards for self portraits.

As a new mom, I’ve come to realize how important it is to get photos. I don’t just want shots of my Little Man, I want shots of him with family and friends, enjoying life. I want photos of loved ones to cherish for years to come and remind me of all sorts of things that my brain can’t always keep clear. If I want these kinds of captured moments, then I know my family does as well. I know that they cherish them too, even if they don’t really think about needing to capture such things.

Some of my favorite photos of Little Man are actually photos of him with someone else…and sometimes that someone is me. So I will learn to be a selfie pro!

Selfies on an SLR camera are a bit more tricky than on a phone, but I have the necessary gear. As I take the time to think shots out and patiently try to capture them, sometimes I end up with fun shots that weren’t the intended image, but bring a smile to my face.
Here’s to learning to take photos of myself!