Easy DIY Christmas Ribbon Wreath

So I made a thing. For some reason I’m dying to decorate for Christmas. Between having a toddler that loves to destroy all the things and trying to sell our house, it’s just not in the cards this year!

At first I wasn’t going to do anything, but after picking out a fall decoration for the table on the front porch, I found the cutest top hat basket to hold a mini Christmas tree. It will replace the fall decor outside once Thanksgiving is over! I’m way over excited!

In Christmas spirit, without going crazy, I have some cinnamon pine cones in the kitchen, and have switched house soaps and cleaners all to cinnamon and pine! It’s the little things.

Today I created a Ribbon Christmas wreath in maybe 15 minutes, and I love it! It’s so me! I’m not a huge fan of bright colors, I prefer muted tones and neutrals. That means a lot of holiday decor doesn’t really appeal to me. ? thankfully I found some awesome tan and muted green ribbon to make this wreath!

Again, this is super easy to make! I found the original tutorial on Pinterest here, basically just looked at the photos and made it happen!

So I had a pool noodle from the dollar tree hanging around. I duck taped the ends together to make a circle. I hadn’t paid close enough attention to realize that she covered the wreath entirely in a solid ribbon first. Whoops! I improvised by covering the bright orange noodle in white duck tape. Had I realized I needed this step, I probably would have gotten some burlap ribbon to wrap the base layer.

Next I grabbed the red and green ribbon and cut stripes about 13-15 inches (I eyed it). I spaced them out around the wreath. I continued one ribbon spool at a time and just tried to randomly place them around the wreath. As I neared the end I paid more attention to where things were placed. If I felt there was too much of one color in an area or that I wanted a specific ribbon in an area, I carefully shifted the ribbons around.

And a wreath was born!

Now I need one for every holiday!