Achieving My Pregnancy Goal

So, I did it! Baby and I made it to 37 weeks (full term)! I’m actually at 38 weeks and change as I type this. I’m so excited that birthing at my birthing center is a real possibility now. 

But now I have a “problem.” I’m in the “waiting game” phase of pregnancy. It’s so weird to be just kind of moving about life waiting to see when God will spring labor on me! It’s a new experience for this pregnancy! 

It’s also new being in this stage of pregnancy. I had only JUST started feeling uncomfortable in my last pregnancy when Little Man was born (though I blame that discomfort on trying to move into a house and prep for a baby so late in pregnancy). This time around I’m getting to experience the “joys” of the last few weeks.

It’s really not that bad, just fatigue and achiness. I could have it so much worse! I have simply learned that I can be really impatient about some things! ? Also, I’m ready for the swelling to stop because my pregnancy induced carpal tunnel is getting old fast! 

So now that all that whining is done, here’s to setting goals and achieving them!