Finding Subjects | Photographing Family

So I’ve been diving back into photography lately. I always go through periods where life gets in the way (because I let it), and photography takes a big back seat. Then I realize that I hate how that feels and I jump back on the wagon! This last Fall I realized that I wasn’t taking advantage of all of my outlets. I have a sister-in-law right down the street from me who loves photography. Why wasn’t I making her do shoots?!?!

We spent the week at my in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving. Prior to that week I brought up the idea of doing a shoot with my sister-in-law. I asked her mom if she was okay with it and if she thought K would be interested. She was game. K was only 11 at the time for anyone confused. We casually shot some photos that week in outfits her and I chose from her closet. It was actually a pretty nice week weather wise. I was definitely rusty on my portrait posing skills, and K was a little unsure of herself in front of the camera at first, but we had a blast and both loosened up with time.

We got some good shots and established that we enjoyed working together! So a couple of weeks later I hit up a thrift store to find some fun outfits to do more shoots. I ended up finding a fun wedding dress that I attempted to dye grey and blue, but it turned out purple (yay polyester!), and a sheet with these blue flowers that I adored. That’s right, I made her wear a sheet. It came out pretty good! Lots of pins and clips were used in both outfits, but I still love the way things turned out. ¬†She even put up with the rather chilly weather in not very chilly weather friendly clothes! Way to be a professional!

If you really want to up your portrait game, then take advantage of any and all people around you. You’re kids, your family, your friends, your neighbors! Even if it’s a bit stiff, or even uncomfortable at first, let yourself try it out. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone some times and really push yourself as a photographer.

So here’s to more fun shoots together over the years, preferably in warmer weather, and finding a portrait groove again!

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