6 Reasons I’m Always Behind on My 365 Photo Project

In my current 365 Project, I often find myself playing catch up. I sometimes chuckle to myself when I realize just what has held me up, so I decided to compile a list. My 365 has been a great adventure so far and I am so glad that I am doing it, but sometimes life can get in the way of good things. The only thing you can do is keep moving forward, no matter the set backs!

  1. Challenging Prompts – There is always a prompt here and there that REALLY stumps me. I might have every photo taken after it up to the current date, but I can’t post until I get that shot!
  2. Computer Accessibility – With a small kiddo, I have limited windows that I can actually get on my computer. That’s usually when he’s asleep. If I try to get on it when he is awake, he wants to either pound on the keys, or complain very loudly that I won’t let him pound on the keys. This means some times I have multiple days worth of shots just sitting on my camera, waiting to be uploaded.
  3. Chores and Life, Ugh! – I guess the house needs some attention sometimes…and sometimes we need to eat. So nap time is sometimes utilized for other pressing needs…depending on how crazy the house is currently driving me.
  4. Quality Time – When Little Man goes to bed at night, that’s also when I get quality time with the hubby. Sometimes we just want to relax and spend time together. That’s not the best time to have a computer uploading and posting images. (And maybe sometimes I’m just lazy at night :P)
  5. Camera Accessibility – I don’t always take my camera everywhere with me. I want to, but with even the few things I need when I go out with Little Man, I just don’t have the right bag at the moment to safely take my camera without having a massive, clunky bag. No fun.
  6. Mommy Brain – I blame a lot of things on “Mommy Brain,” but I’ve probably always had a bad memory, I just don’t remember. With not always having a camera, and with just day to day life, I honestly forget some days completely about my project.