Pregnancy Goals

Based on my two pregnancies so far, I usually stay pretty mellow. I think that’s just my personality. 

I am blessed to not have fertility issues this far, and I usually have pretty uneventful pregnancies. That doesn’t mean I don’t have nausea for 10+ weeks, back and hip pain, and round ligament pain. It’s just that I kind of see them as a part of the package for me and know I’m blessed to not have worse things to deal with. (I also frequent my chiro, which helps immensely!) 
This pregnancy has been slightly different since I’m not working, but I am raising a toddler. It definitely brings new difficulties to the process! 

Since Little Man was born 3 days shy of 37 weeks (that stubborn boy would not wait three days people!), my first “goal” for this pregnancy is to make it to 37 weeks so I can give birth at my birthing center instead of the hospital like last time.

So now that I’m 35 weeks pregnant, I’m acutely aware of my goal closing in. My midwife joked with me at one of my recent appointments that I just shouldn’t move from week 36 to 37 ? I told hubby that I will be off duty that week! 

My midwife and I have come up with a slight plan to hopefully aid my body to at least wait until 37 weeks this time. I am going to stay away from primrose oil and red raspberry leaf tea until I am 37 weeks (most women start around 35-36 weeks) and I increased my dose of fish oils starting at week 32 until week 37, in hopes that the anti inflammatory properties will help the inflammatory process of labor to hold off.

It’s so interesting to me that they don’t really know what causes pre-term labor. I mean some cases might be more clear that others, but I just naturally went into labor and no one knows why. I also find it intresting that they still haven’t figured out what causes morning sickness, but that’s a different post!

So here’s to making my first goal of getting to April 12th!

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