From a Family of Three to a Family of Four | The Birth of Itty Bitty

At 40 weeks and 5 days, our second baby boy decided to make his appearance! It was the day before my scheduled non-stress test and possible membrane sweep. I prayed all weekend to avoid that appointment, and everything fell into place!

My mother came down that day at the urging of her hubby (thanks Mike!) due to my appointment the following day. Of course at the time I didn’t know that she already had a flight scheduled. I had sent her and my sister a text that morning saying I was cramping, but who knows if it would turn into anything. (I had had a few different days of cramping that turned into nothing, so I was trying not to get my hopes up!)

My mother showed up at my door just before 3. I hadn’t even known at that point if she was really coming. I called the midwife just before 5 to see if I should come in. I hated the idea of waiting to “bother” then after hours, since I wasn’t convince, yet again, that it was true labor. I was convinced my cramping wasn’t regular enough. The midwife said it was up to me, but that she was there with another mama, so she’d be there if I came or not.

We got there around 5:30 ish. She checked me and I was at 7 cm. It was go time! Little Itty Bitty was born at 7:58 PM, and my mom was able to be there! I was so glad!

We left the birth center around 11:30 and were home in bed by midnight! It was amazing to sleep in my own bed!

We are still relearning having a newborn. There are things that make it harder and things that make it easier with already having one kiddo. We are navigating our new family dynamic. Little Man seems to adore his new brother, he simply doesn’t yet understand how delicate he is. It’s all a learning process.
Welcome to the family Itty Bitty!



Achieving My Pregnancy Goal

So, I did it! Baby and I made it to 37 weeks (full term)! I’m actually at 38 weeks and change as I type this. I’m so excited that birthing at my birthing center is a real possibility now. 

But now I have a “problem.” I’m in the “waiting game” phase of pregnancy. It’s so weird to be just kind of moving about life waiting to see when God will spring labor on me! It’s a new experience for this pregnancy! 

It’s also new being in this stage of pregnancy. I had only JUST started feeling uncomfortable in my last pregnancy when Little Man was born (though I blame that discomfort on trying to move into a house and prep for a baby so late in pregnancy). This time around I’m getting to experience the “joys” of the last few weeks.

It’s really not that bad, just fatigue and achiness. I could have it so much worse! I have simply learned that I can be really impatient about some things! ? Also, I’m ready for the swelling to stop because my pregnancy induced carpal tunnel is getting old fast! 

So now that all that whining is done, here’s to setting goals and achieving them!



Pregnancy Goals

Based on my two pregnancies so far, I usually stay pretty mellow. I think that’s just my personality. 

I am blessed to not have fertility issues this far, and I usually have pretty uneventful pregnancies. That doesn’t mean I don’t have nausea for 10+ weeks, back and hip pain, and round ligament pain. It’s just that I kind of see them as a part of the package for me and know I’m blessed to not have worse things to deal with. (I also frequent my chiro, which helps immensely!) 
This pregnancy has been slightly different since I’m not working, but I am raising a toddler. It definitely brings new difficulties to the process! 

Since Little Man was born 3 days shy of 37 weeks (that stubborn boy would not wait three days people!), my first “goal” for this pregnancy is to make it to 37 weeks so I can give birth at my birthing center instead of the hospital like last time.

So now that I’m 35 weeks pregnant, I’m acutely aware of my goal closing in. My midwife joked with me at one of my recent appointments that I just shouldn’t move from week 36 to 37 ? I told hubby that I will be off duty that week! 

My midwife and I have come up with a slight plan to hopefully aid my body to at least wait until 37 weeks this time. I am going to stay away from primrose oil and red raspberry leaf tea until I am 37 weeks (most women start around 35-36 weeks) and I increased my dose of fish oils starting at week 32 until week 37, in hopes that the anti inflammatory properties will help the inflammatory process of labor to hold off.

It’s so interesting to me that they don’t really know what causes pre-term labor. I mean some cases might be more clear that others, but I just naturally went into labor and no one knows why. I also find it intresting that they still haven’t figured out what causes morning sickness, but that’s a different post!

So here’s to making my first goal of getting to April 12th!


Pregnant with Baby #2!

Baby Hanks #2 is on it’s way!!

We always said we wanted at least two kids, so when Little Man turned one, the discussions began. Hubby wanted to start trying immediately, but I was more hesitant to have two under two for some reason. I just wanted a bit more space between the two. Just like with our first pregnancy, I worked out the “perfect timeframe” for when to conceive and therefore when to deliver. ? I’m crazy like that.

Ultimately we started trying a month or so before I had originally planned. Hubby was concerned that it might take a while like it did the first time. It only took three months the first time for us and that was because he was traveling so much. We have been very blessed in the fertility department. For that we are both truly grateful! I warned him that we could get pregnant on the first go, but we moved forward with the plan.

I got pregnant on the first go.

What happened next is kind of funny to me. I had what I perceived to be implantation cramping, so I had a strong suspicion VERY early. I tried to wait to test, but only made it about a week. I got a faint positive on my favorite test…the 88 cent ones. I knew it was positive, but I wanted a big fat positive. I waited until the day of my missed period and finally got one.

Next I had to figure out how to tell Hubby. He had mentioned he was more interested in how I would announce it to him than to family. I waivered back and forth on ideas. I didn’t want to really spend much on it. Eventually I chose a “big brother” shirt for Little Man. I had to wait to receive it. Then it arrived the day before we left to visit family. Hubby had mentioned his desire to not tell people until I was 12 weeks, so I knew I had to wait until we got back home. He was about to spend a few days with his buddies and I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it in!

I kept silent all week. I tried my best to not let anything slip. My family kept trying to get me to drink and get in the hot tub. ? I was starting to think this whole waiting thing was going to be super rough! (We had spilled the beans at 4 weeks for the first pregnancy.)

Finally we arrived home that following weekend. Little Man had been a tyrant on the 8 hour drive, so as we were getting dressed for bedtime, I told Hubby that Little Man deserved a special shirt for his crazy day. I somehow got it on him while he was sitting on Hubby’s lap without him seeing it until it was fully on! He figured it out immediately of course and was excited and in disbelief as well! A new adventure was beginning!

Fast forward about 7 weeks of 24/7 nausea, and we had our first prenatal appointment. We heard the strong heartbeat and got to see a glimpse of the little peanut moving around on the tiny handheld sonogram machine the midwife has. It was awesome.

With Halloween the next week, I knew we should “announce” with pumpkins! I also knew my sister would “require” me to formally announce on Facebook. She’s very firm about that, ? so the pumpkin carving announcement made it’s debut!

Here’s to a healthy, happy pregnancy, and hopefully making it to at least 37 weeks this time! Try not to get annoyed by my pregnancy update posts!