When Life Gets in the Way…

Man, it’s been a while…and it’s been a whirlwind of a couple months! You might wonder what has kept me from writing anything, and the answer would be: Life. 

Here is a look at some of the stuff that’s been going on since December:

  • I got a cold on Christmas Day that didn’t go away for three weeks (yay pregnancy immune system).
  • Little Man got his first cold and was a snotty, cranky mess for a couple of weeks.
  • We moved houses…which meant closing on both houses about a week apart…moving almost everything ourselves, unpacking everything, and making the house baby friend ASAP!
  • Then I got the flu. Yay!
  • Then Little Man got the flu Double yay!
  • Then hubby started feeling yucky. Then he felt fine.
  • We traveled to Kansas to visit family (and enjoyed a week or not being sick).
  • I left my computer in Kansas never to see it again (for a few months at least).
  • We came home and hubby was sick again. 
  • Little Man started getting sick again. 
  • I started a cough that wouldn’t go away, with no other symptoms. 
  • Warm weather decided to pop in here and there and we’ve been outside as much as possible.

If you followed all of that…I’m ready for the pile of medications and vitamins to be off my counter for the season!

With moving we moved everything ourselves (with the help of my awesome FIL) except the really heavy stuff like bedroom furniture. It took a few days, but it allowed me to unpack as we went, as well as know where everything was. I think it helped the process immensely! (As well as having my MIL close to watch Little Man during the day!) So I survived my second move pregnant, and first move with a toddler. 

Because of being sick, and pregnant, and still finding the perfect organization for our new house, a lot of free time has been spent resting (pregnancy fatigue and pains, yay!), or just enjoying time with family. 

Sometimes life just gets crazy. That’s just inevitable. Hopefully the household will be well again soon!