Easy DIY Christmas Ribbon Wreath

So I made a thing. For some reason I’m dying to decorate for Christmas. Between having a toddler that loves to destroy all the things and trying to sell our house, it’s just not in the cards this year!

At first I wasn’t going to do anything, but after picking out a fall decoration for the table on the front porch, I found the cutest top hat basket to hold a mini Christmas tree. It will replace the fall decor outside once Thanksgiving is over! I’m way over excited!

In Christmas spirit, without going crazy, I have some cinnamon pine cones in the kitchen, and have switched house soaps and cleaners all to cinnamon and pine! It’s the little things.

Today I created a Ribbon Christmas wreath in maybe 15 minutes, and I love it! It’s so me! I’m not a huge fan of bright colors, I prefer muted tones and neutrals. That means a lot of holiday decor doesn’t really appeal to me. ? thankfully I found some awesome tan and muted green ribbon to make this wreath!

Again, this is super easy to make! I found the original tutorial on Pinterest here, basically just looked at the photos and made it happen!

So I had a pool noodle from the dollar tree hanging around. I duck taped the ends together to make a circle. I hadn’t paid close enough attention to realize that she covered the wreath entirely in a solid ribbon first. Whoops! I improvised by covering the bright orange noodle in white duck tape. Had I realized I needed this step, I probably would have gotten some burlap ribbon to wrap the base layer.

Next I grabbed the red and green ribbon and cut stripes about 13-15 inches (I eyed it). I spaced them out around the wreath. I continued one ribbon spool at a time and just tried to randomly place them around the wreath. As I neared the end I paid more attention to where things were placed. If I felt there was too much of one color in an area or that I wanted a specific ribbon in an area, I carefully shifted the ribbons around.

And a wreath was born!

Now I need one for every holiday!


Pregnant with Baby #2!

Baby Hanks #2 is on it’s way!!

We always said we wanted at least two kids, so when Little Man turned one, the discussions began. Hubby wanted to start trying immediately, but I was more hesitant to have two under two for some reason. I just wanted a bit more space between the two. Just like with our first pregnancy, I worked out the “perfect timeframe” for when to conceive and therefore when to deliver. ? I’m crazy like that.

Ultimately we started trying a month or so before I had originally planned. Hubby was concerned that it might take a while like it did the first time. It only took three months the first time for us and that was because he was traveling so much. We have been very blessed in the fertility department. For that we are both truly grateful! I warned him that we could get pregnant on the first go, but we moved forward with the plan.

I got pregnant on the first go.

What happened next is kind of funny to me. I had what I perceived to be implantation cramping, so I had a strong suspicion VERY early. I tried to wait to test, but only made it about a week. I got a faint positive on my favorite test…the 88 cent ones. I knew it was positive, but I wanted a big fat positive. I waited until the day of my missed period and finally got one.

Next I had to figure out how to tell Hubby. He had mentioned he was more interested in how I would announce it to him than to family. I waivered back and forth on ideas. I didn’t want to really spend much on it. Eventually I chose a “big brother” shirt for Little Man. I had to wait to receive it. Then it arrived the day before we left to visit family. Hubby had mentioned his desire to not tell people until I was 12 weeks, so I knew I had to wait until we got back home. He was about to spend a few days with his buddies and I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it in!

I kept silent all week. I tried my best to not let anything slip. My family kept trying to get me to drink and get in the hot tub. ? I was starting to think this whole waiting thing was going to be super rough! (We had spilled the beans at 4 weeks for the first pregnancy.)

Finally we arrived home that following weekend. Little Man had been a tyrant on the 8 hour drive, so as we were getting dressed for bedtime, I told Hubby that Little Man deserved a special shirt for his crazy day. I somehow got it on him while he was sitting on Hubby’s lap without him seeing it until it was fully on! He figured it out immediately of course and was excited and in disbelief as well! A new adventure was beginning!

Fast forward about 7 weeks of 24/7 nausea, and we had our first prenatal appointment. We heard the strong heartbeat and got to see a glimpse of the little peanut moving around on the tiny handheld sonogram machine the midwife has. It was awesome.

With Halloween the next week, I knew we should “announce” with pumpkins! I also knew my sister would “require” me to formally announce on Facebook. She’s very firm about that, ? so the pumpkin carving announcement made it’s debut!

Here’s to a healthy, happy pregnancy, and hopefully making it to at least 37 weeks this time! Try not to get annoyed by my pregnancy update posts!